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I just started with Mid-land Meals the past six months or so and I find that they are very good sometimes they have a hard time getting supplies which is normal during the pandemic their food is very good and it comes in a actual TV tray which I like very much. You have to be careful some of those places like direct meals for elderly they only have two sides and they just slob everything on top of everything that’s terrible to do that. Years ago I went through mom’s meals it was very good I was so disappointed when I had to order them again I think they serve those little bitty tiny potatoes every day with some kind of meat they were terrible. They must have changed owners in the past 10 years that did not last long. Anyway just wanted to give Mid-land Meals thumbs up I know they try hard thank you for your kindness this helps me so much we don’t think about these things when we’re young. God bless to all.

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